This repository aims to be a community driven project, and your involvement will ultimately help improve the quality of this guide.

What can I do to contribute?

There are a number of ways to contribute to "How to be a Programmer".

  • Ideas for new sections

  • Improvements to existing sections

  • Identifying typos or other issues in sections

  • Contributing additional links to resources for sections

  • General suggestions for improving the project

  • Provide translations of the guide


Currently this guide has been translated from English into the following languages:

If you provide the initial translation of the guide into another language, you become legible to become a contributor on this project to help maintain and review changes made to the translation.


Github holds a list of all contributors to this project.

Editorship and Move to GitHub

Braydie Grove has agreed to serve as editor-in-chief.

Braydie transposed the original essay into MarkDown and created the repository.

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